Know the four diabetes warning signs

We all know that diabetes can result to a lot of health issues and even death. However, many of us completely ignore the signs of symptoms of this disease, and this can be a deadly decision. Ignoring the easy to look for symptoms does not make it go away. In fact, it makes you more and more likely to lose your life to it.

Frank Sita has his type-1 diabetes under control using monitoring technology.

First of all, let us discuss the two types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It attacks human cells that are located in the pancreas that create insulin. Though it can strike at any age, those under 18 are most often diagnosed and calls for insulin to manage their conditions.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is the condition the body loses its sensitivity to insulin. While this form was once more common in older people, the rising obesity rates nowadays it is now being found in people of younger ages. Type 2 is usually treated with changes to diet and exercise, sometimes oral medications or insulin.

Diabetes can cause no symptoms, but hunger and thirst are the most often signs that might signal that condition. And since you are drinking more, you have to pee more than usual. You also lose weight without trying, and you experience fatigue and irritability.

Do you want to be sure wether or not you have diabetes? If you do, you’ll need to undergo a fasting blood test to measure the amount of sugar in your blood after not eating for at least eight hours. Normal readings are 99 mg/dL or lower; prediabetic levels range from 100-125 mg/dL and diabetes is any number over 126.

Diet and exercise are the two most effective ways to prevent diabetes. If you already have diabetes, doing aerobic exercise and resistance training helps by encouraging muscles to use more blood sugar.

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