11 of the most memorable ‘brand’ #hashtags of all time

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A hashtag is defined as a useful word or phrase proceeded by a hash sign “#”. You can often see this sign on social media sign to link messages or content to the specific word or phrase identified by the hashtag.

Hashtags make it possible to group messages or posts linked to the hashtag. The power of a hashtag is in the ability to search for the hashtag and to generate a set of status updates, videos, or photos that contain the hashtag.

Using hashtags is very beneficial especially from a marketing perspective: it helps increase your promotional reach, amplifies your brand or company awareness, helps you to focus your message on your target market, boosts the visibility of your content so that they can be found easily by the people, and finally improve your search engine optimisation or SEO results.

If you are among those who do not use hashtag, there are a few fundamentals you need to keep in mind: There can be no spaces between the hash sign and the word/term, and there can be no spaces in between words if you are using more than one word. When you put together a tag in this way, it automatically creates a clickable link. If people click on the hyperlink, they will find all the most current Instagram posts, Tweets or Facebook posts from anyone who has used that tag.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Twitter, the first social media that use hashtag, here are the 11 of the most memorable hashtag of all time used by brands: https://econsultancy.com/blog/67671-11-of-the-most-memorable-brand-hashtags-of-all-time